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We will make it the most competitive company where customer satisfaction comes first.

Our company provides licensed products such as SIEMENS, Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe, and Hancom, packaged products and security products, professional development products, etc. to all customers most appropriately and promptly, and is the most efficient way to purchase software at the lowest cost. We provide consulting so that customers can be satisfied through 1:1 service management even after purchase.

We are a software asset manager providing consulting services.
We promise to be your reliable business partner by providing use cases in product descriptions, ways to maximize product utilization, technical training, and free (paid) technical support services after purchase.

TheBONent, a specialized company that sells only products that are favored and recognized by customers in the domestic and overseas software markets, aims to realize customer satisfaction with software products and technology that satisfy customers.
Based on this foundation, all employees are doing their best to improve customers' business and convert them into profits, and we will strive to become the most competitive company leading the digital era and doing our best rather than the best.

We look forward to your generous support and wish you happiness and development in your home and business.
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